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General Papers

Goals constrain choices: the role of goals in choice set formation
Flavio Freire Souza, Joffre Swait, Jr., Christine Eckert
Modelling travellers’ choice between park-and-ride and other modes of travel to work in the context of uncertainty
Ying Huang, Brett Smith, John Taplin, Doina Olaru
Are Preferences Inherent or Constructed? Examining the Degree of Context Sensitivity on Preference Heterogeneity
Elisabeth Huynh, Joffre Swait
Do varying attributes in a DCE form a context influencing people’s WTP?
Priska Johanna Weller, Julian Sagebiel, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Jürgen Meyerhoff
Disentangling the Influence of Knowledge on Preferences and Processing Strategies
Erlend Dancke Sandorf, Danny Campbell, Nick Hanley
Does the place of residence affect land use preferences? – Evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Germany
Julian Sagebiel
Assessing the Accuracy of Market Structure Models
Spring Sampson, Cam Rungie, Leonard Coote
A Discrete-Continuous Choice Model with Perfect and Imperfect Substitutes
Abdul Pinjari, Vijayaraghavan Sivaraman
Response to Hurricane Track Forecast Cones: an examination of map attributes that trigger risk perceptions and evacuation intentions
Ricardo A Daziano, Yutaka Motoaki, Clifford Scherer, Jonathon Schuldt, Gina Eosco, Laura Rickard
Salient attributes in choice experiments
Davide Contu, Elisabetta Strazzera
Relationships between the online and in-store shopping frequency of Davis, California residents: A copula-linked bivariate ordinal response model
Ipek N. Sener, Richard J. Lee, Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Susan L. Handy