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General Papers

The investment location choices of multinational enterprises: an application of the Latent Class Random Parameters model
Simona Rasciute
Flexible mixture-amount and mixture-process variable models for choice data
Aiste Ruseckaite, Dennis Fok, Peter Goos
Incorporating a budget constraint into discrete choice experiments
John Rose
Around and beyond the cheap talk script in Choice Experiments
Roberta Raffaelli, Sandra Notaro
Empirical Analysis of Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference Experiments
Li Tang, Xia Luo, Yang Cheng, Fei Yang, Bin Ran
Preferences for policy options for deceased organ donation for transplantation
Kirsten Howard, Stephen Jan, John M Rose, Germaine Wong, Jonathan C Craig, Michelle Irving, Allison Tong, Steven Chadban, Richard Allen, Alan Cass
Does Prelec Bayesian Truth Serum prevent Social Desirability Bias in Choice Experiments?
Luisa Menapace, Roberta Raffaelli
Are we standard or non-standard expected utility maximizers? Discrete mixture models of choice over food-safety policies with risky outcomes
Simone Cerroni, Sandra Notaro, Roberta Raffaelli
Power and The Illusion of Control: Do Individual’s Correctly Anticipate How Much Influence They Have Within a Household Choice?
Matthew John Beck, John Mathew Rose
Modelling the impact of multi-buy promotions on alcohol purchasing behaviour: a comparison of estimation and implementation of sample selection models and the multiple discrete-continuous extreme value (MCDEV) model
Daly Andrew, Stephane Hess, Hui Lu, Charlene Rohr
A unified theory of experimental design for stated choice studies
John Rose, Michiel Bliemer
Assessing the Accuracy of Market Structure Models
Spring Sampson, Cam Rungie, Leonard Coote
Eliciting Preference Heterogeneity in Willingness to Pay Space with Post Estimation Clustering
Laura-Lucia Richter, Melvyn Weeks
Response to Hurricane Track Forecast Cones: an examination of map attributes that trigger risk perceptions and evacuation intentions
Ricardo A Daziano, Yutaka Motoaki, Clifford Scherer, Jonathon Schuldt, Gina Eosco, Laura Rickard
Stated Preference Modelling of Intra-Household Decisions: Can You Approximate the Bargaining Space?
Matthew John Beck, John Mathew Rose
Modeling choice when price is a cue for quality: A case study on Chinese wine preferences
David Esteban Palma, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis Ignacio Rizzi, Cristian Angelo Guevara, Gerard Casaubon, Huiqin Ma