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General Papers

WTP for strawberries: A study of the choice overload paradox in food products.
Daniel E Chavez, Marco A Palma
Train commuters’ scheduling preferences: evidence from a large-scale reward experiment in the Netherlands
Stefanie Peer, Jasper Knockaert, Erik Verhoef
An Integrated Latent Construct Modeling Framework for Predicting Physical Activity Engagement and Health Outcomes
Megan Hoklas, Subodh Dubey, Chandra R Bhat, Venu M Garikapati, Ram M Pendyala, Dae Hyun You
Using Choice Modelling for Inferring Latent Spatial Demand: Estimation of a Market Demand Model for the Mobile Consumer
Ari Pramono, Harmen Oppewal
A Two-Stage Choice Model for Daily Activity Patterns with Dynamic Choice Sets
Siyu Li, Francisco Camara Pereira, Der-Horng Lee, Moshe Ben-Akiva
An Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model quantifying the Impact of Physical Activity Propensity, Environmental and Safety Consciousness on Mode-to-School Choice Behavior
Maria Kamargianni, Subodh Dubey, Chandra Bhat, Amalia Polydoropoulou
A Simultaneous Model of Intensity of Activity Opportunities on Supply Side and Destination & Departure Time-of-Day Choices on Demand Side
Rajesh Paleti, Naveen Eluru, Hsi-Hwa Hu, Guoxiong Huang
Social Networks and Trip Behavior in Insular Areas- A Latent Class Model Application
IOANNA KOUROUNIOTI, Amalia Polydoropoulou, Athena Tsirimpa
The Multiple Dimensions of Activity Participation: How Are the Choices Related?
Venu M Garikapati, Dae Hyun You, Sebastian Astroza, Ram M Pendyala, Chandra R. Bhat
Imputing Socioeconomic Attributes for Movement Data by Analysing Patterns of Visited Places and Google Places Database: Bridging between Big Data and Behavioural Analysis
Jacek Pawlak, Alireza Zolfaghari, John Polak
A Discrete-Continuous Choice Model with Perfect and Imperfect Substitutes
Abdul Pinjari, Vijayaraghavan Sivaraman
Modeling choice when price is a cue for quality: A case study on Chinese wine preferences
David Esteban Palma, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis Ignacio Rizzi, Cristian Angelo Guevara, Gerard Casaubon, Huiqin Ma