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General Papers

Does Travel-based Multitasking Influence Commute Mode Choice? An Investigation of Northern California Commuters
Aliaksandr Malokin, Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Giovanni Circella
Effects of task complexity and time pressure on (activity-travel) choice behavior: new models and empirical evidence
Chao Chen, Caspar Chorus, Eric Molin, Bert van Wee
Impulsivity and task complexity in a latent variable choice model applied to environmental valuation
Petr Mariel, Jürgen Meyerhoff
Disentangling the Status Quo and Zero Price Effect in Stated Choice Experiments
Ulf Liebe, Jürgen Meyerhoff, Andreas Kontoleon
Back to the source: modelling information sources acquisition and use for travel choice with a revealed-preference study
Severine Marechal
Does Prelec Bayesian Truth Serum prevent Social Desirability Bias in Choice Experiments?
Luisa Menapace, Roberta Raffaelli
Do varying attributes in a DCE form a context influencing people’s WTP?
Priska Johanna Weller, Julian Sagebiel, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Jürgen Meyerhoff
Does using a different decision rule of discrete choice change the dependence structure between discrete decision and continuous outcome?
Behzad Karimi, Noosheen Nazari, Mahmoud Javanmardi, Kouros Mohammadian
Statistical versus response efficiency – the non-neutrality of the choice of an underlying experimental design
Juergen Meyerhoff, Søren Bøye Olsen
Investigating alternative non-attendance and other decision processing strategies in food choice
Ole Bonnichsen, Danny Campbell, Morten Raun Mørkbak, Søren Bøye Olsen
Assessing the impact of opt-out definitions in stated choice experiments - A case study on food safety
Danny Campbell, Morten Raun Mørkbak, Søren Bøye Olsen
Ying Chen, Andreas Frei, Hani S Mahmassani
Testing Random Utility Using Falmagne's Conditions Directly
William James McCausland
A Recursive Logit Model for Routing Policy Choice
Jing Ding-Mastera, Tien Mai, Song Gao, Emma Frejinger
Mixed Logit Specifications for Testing Preference Stability: A Four-Wave Panel Analysis
Leonard Coote, Towhidul Islam, Jordan Louviere, Thomas Magor
Comparing regret minimization and utility maximization for route choice using the recursive logit model
Tien Mai, Emma Frejinger, Fabian Bastin
Uncovering Complexity-Induced Status Quo Effects in Discrete Choice Experiments for Environmental Valuation
Malte Oehlmann, Priska Weller, Jürgen Meyerhoff
Subjective versus Objective Outcome Uncertainty in Discrete Choice Experiments: Implications for Modeling and Questionnaire Design
Christos Makriyannis, Robert John Johnston
Response to Hurricane Track Forecast Cones: an examination of map attributes that trigger risk perceptions and evacuation intentions
Ricardo A Daziano, Yutaka Motoaki, Clifford Scherer, Jonathon Schuldt, Gina Eosco, Laura Rickard
A dynamic discrete choice approach for static discrete choice models
Tien Anh Mai
Modeling choice when price is a cue for quality: A case study on Chinese wine preferences
David Esteban Palma, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis Ignacio Rizzi, Cristian Angelo Guevara, Gerard Casaubon, Huiqin Ma
Relationships between the online and in-store shopping frequency of Davis, California residents: A copula-linked bivariate ordinal response model
Ipek N. Sener, Richard J. Lee, Patricia L. Mokhtarian, Susan L. Handy