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General Papers

Triggers of behavioral change
Konstadinos Goulias, Jae Hyun Lee, Adam Wilkinson Davis
An analysis of the impact of screen size on stated choice behavior for credit card applications
Jeffrey Dumont
Detection and Measurement of Latent and Manifest Heterogeneity of Familiarity, Perceptions, and Attractiveness of Places Using Multilevel Analysis
Konstadinos Goulias, Jae Hyun Lee, Kate Deutsch-Burgner, Adam Wilkinson Davis, Fang Wu
Enabling the use of cross-nested logit for very large problems through indirect inference
Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly, Mark Bradley, Maren Outwater
Decomposing the Utility of Alternatives from Mental Representations of Decisions: Bridging Choice Experiments and Means-End Chain Elicitation
Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Theo A. Arentze, Oliver Horeni, Harry J.P. Timmermans
Introducing Non-Normality of Latent Psychological Constructs in Choice Modeling with an Application to Bicyclist Route Choice
Chandra R Bhat, Subodh Dubey, Kai Nagel
Incorporating a Multiple Discrete-Continuous Outcome in the Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model: Application to Residential Self-Selection Effects Analysis in an Activity Time-use Behavior Model
Chandra R Bhat, Sebastian Astroza, Subodh Dubey
An Integrated Latent Construct Modeling Framework for Predicting Physical Activity Engagement and Health Outcomes
Megan Hoklas, Subodh Dubey, Chandra R Bhat, Venu M Garikapati, Ram M Pendyala, Dae Hyun You
Inter-person or intra-person variation: the value of multi-day data in modeling travel behavior decisions
Kathleen Elizabeth Deutsch-Burgner
A Bayesian approach to sampling of alternatives
Thijs Dekker
A Recursive Logit Model for Routing Policy Choice
Jing Ding-Mastera, Tien Mai, Song Gao, Emma Frejinger
The Temporal Transferability of Mixed Logit Mode-Destination Choice Models
James Fox, Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly
An Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model quantifying the Impact of Physical Activity Propensity, Environmental and Safety Consciousness on Mode-to-School Choice Behavior
Maria Kamargianni, Subodh Dubey, Chandra Bhat, Amalia Polydoropoulou
Empirical comparison of the Construction of Confidence Intervals for willingness-to-pay
Esther Chiew, Ricardo A. Daziano
Response to Hurricane Track Forecast Cones: an examination of map attributes that trigger risk perceptions and evacuation intentions
Ricardo A Daziano, Yutaka Motoaki, Clifford Scherer, Jonathon Schuldt, Gina Eosco, Laura Rickard