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General Papers

A New Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) to Jointly Model Mixed Types of Dependent Variables
Chandra R Bhat
Enabling the use of cross-nested logit for very large problems through indirect inference
Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly, Mark Bradley, Maren Outwater
The Influence of Anchoring on Value of Time Estimation in Stated Preference Experiments
Mark Bradley, Stephane Hess, Tom Adler, Mark Fowler
Introducing Non-Normality of Latent Psychological Constructs in Choice Modeling with an Application to Bicyclist Route Choice
Chandra R Bhat, Subodh Dubey, Kai Nagel
Incorporating a Multiple Discrete-Continuous Outcome in the Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model: Application to Residential Self-Selection Effects Analysis in an Activity Time-use Behavior Model
Chandra R Bhat, Sebastian Astroza, Subodh Dubey
An Integrated Latent Construct Modeling Framework for Predicting Physical Activity Engagement and Health Outcomes
Megan Hoklas, Subodh Dubey, Chandra R Bhat, Venu M Garikapati, Ram M Pendyala, Dae Hyun You
Revisiting the Route Choice Problem: A Multi-Level Modeling Framework for Route Choice Analysis
Evanthia Kazagli, Michel Bierlaire
Investigating alternative non-attendance and other decision processing strategies in food choice
Ole Bonnichsen, Danny Campbell, Morten Raun Mørkbak, Søren Bøye Olsen
A Two-Stage Choice Model for Daily Activity Patterns with Dynamic Choice Sets
Siyu Li, Francisco Camara Pereira, Der-Horng Lee, Moshe Ben-Akiva
Comparing regret minimization and utility maximization for route choice using the recursive logit model
Tien Mai, Emma Frejinger, Fabian Bastin
Power and The Illusion of Control: Do Individual’s Correctly Anticipate How Much Influence They Have Within a Household Choice?
Matthew John Beck, John Mathew Rose
Aggregation Bias in Discrete Choice Models with an Application to Household Vehicle Choice
David Brownstone, David S Bunch, Timothy Wong
An Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model quantifying the Impact of Physical Activity Propensity, Environmental and Safety Consciousness on Mode-to-School Choice Behavior
Maria Kamargianni, Subodh Dubey, Chandra Bhat, Amalia Polydoropoulou
Allowing Heterogeneity in the Sensitivity to Exogenous Variables in the Multiple Discrete-Continuous Probit Model
Sebastian Astroza, Chandra R Bhat
A unified theory of experimental design for stated choice studies
John Rose, Michiel Bliemer
The Multiple Dimensions of Activity Participation: How Are the Choices Related?
Venu M Garikapati, Dae Hyun You, Sebastian Astroza, Ram M Pendyala, Chandra R. Bhat
Stated Preference Modelling of Intra-Household Decisions: Can You Approximate the Bargaining Space?
Matthew John Beck, John Mathew Rose
Long-term average utility in dynamic discrete choice models
Oskar Blom Västberg, Anders Karlström