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General Papers

The Effect of Choice Set Misspecification on Welfare Measures in Random Utility Models
Vic Adamowicz
Deniz Akinc, Martina Vandebroek
Preferences for policy options for deceased organ donation for transplantation
Kirsten Howard, Stephen Jan, John M Rose, Germaine Wong, Jonathan C Craig, Michelle Irving, Allison Tong, Steven Chadban, Richard Allen, Alan Cass
The Influence of Anchoring on Value of Time Estimation in Stated Preference Experiments
Mark Bradley, Stephane Hess, Tom Adler, Mark Fowler
Decomposing the Utility of Alternatives from Mental Representations of Decisions: Bridging Choice Experiments and Means-End Chain Elicitation
Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Theo A. Arentze, Oliver Horeni, Harry J.P. Timmermans
Feature Trade-offs in Choices among Alternative Vehicle Powertrains
Thomas J Adler, Jeff Keller, William C Neafsey, Daniel Weinstein
Incorporating a Multiple Discrete-Continuous Outcome in the Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model: Application to Residential Self-Selection Effects Analysis in an Activity Time-use Behavior Model
Chandra R Bhat, Sebastian Astroza, Subodh Dubey
The role of dynamic needs in tourists’ activity choice: design and results of a stated choice experiment
Theo Arentze, Astrid Kemperman, Petr Aksenov
Modelling the impact of multi-buy promotions on alcohol purchasing behaviour: a comparison of estimation and implementation of sample selection models and the multiple discrete-continuous extreme value (MCDEV) model
Daly Andrew, Stephane Hess, Hui Lu, Charlene Rohr
Allowing Heterogeneity in the Sensitivity to Exogenous Variables in the Multiple Discrete-Continuous Probit Model
Sebastian Astroza, Chandra R Bhat
The Multiple Dimensions of Activity Participation: How Are the Choices Related?
Venu M Garikapati, Dae Hyun You, Sebastian Astroza, Ram M Pendyala, Chandra R. Bhat