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General Papers

Correlation and scale in mixed logit models: clarifications and implications for unwary users of the G-MNL model
Stephane Hess, Kenneth Train, Kenneth Train
The effect of HIV prevention products on incentives to supply unprotected commercial sex in South Africa
Matthew Quaife, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Maria Cabrera, Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, Robyn Eakle, Peter Vickerman
Pedestrian route choice modelling at a large scale mega religious gathering
Tarapada Mandal, K Ramachandra Rao, Geetam Tiwari
Does negative information weight more on activity-travel choices? An empirical study of pre-trip information impact from the perspective of trip-chains
Li Tang
How different user segments perceive multimodal alternatives: A survey of 3 EU cities
Amalia Polydoropoulou, Ioannis Tsouros
Beyond a two-way hybrid model: maximize utility or minimize regret, or mix both
Mara Thiene, Juergen Meyerhoff
Psycho-Physical Mapping of Alternatives in Random Regret Minimization Models: Varying Effect of Attribute Intensity
Sunghoon Jang, Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans
Taking the detour – Travelers’ information compliance with system-beneficial travel information.
Mariska van Essen, Tom Thomas, Eric van Berkum, Caspar Chorus
Factors affecting Interurban Freight Route Choice – Perspectives from Freight Forwarders and Truck Drivers
Athena Tsirimpa, Ioannis Tsouros
Evaluating a data-driven approach for choice set identification
Danique Ton, Dorine Duives, Oded Cats, Serge Hoogendoorn
Commodity-based heavy vehicle model for Greater Sydney
Richard B. Ellison, Collins Teye, David A. Hensher
Exploring travelers’ route choice behavior from GPS trajectories: a path size logit model with sampling of alternatives
Weiliang Zeng, Tomio Miwa, Mutsumi Tashiro, Takayuki Morikawa
Meta-analysis on the value of travel time savings in Africa
Collins Teye, Peter Davidson, Helen Porter
Does the design of the environment affect the willingness to transfer between modes?
Alejandro M. Tudela, Carla Duran, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Arnoldo Tapia
An R package and web application to generate and conduct efficient Individually Adapted Sequential Bayesian discrete choice experiments to estimate the panel mixed logit model.
Frits Traets, Martina Vandebroek
Implications of Patient Heterogeneity in Health Care Service Preferences: A Case Study in the Provision of Community Intravenous Antibiotics in the UK
David Meads, Stephane Hess, Maureen Twiddy, Carolyn Czoski-Murray, Amando Vargas-Palacios, Samantha Mason, Jane Minton
Can we apply Serious Gaming as an alternative to Stated Preference Experiments? – A Freight Modelling Case Study
Choice models with psychosocial attributes. Revealing some facts.
Alejandro M. Tudela, Arnoldo Tapia, Juan Antonio Carrasco
Disentangling status quo bias and zero-price effect for more robust estimation of welfare changes
Jeff Tjiong, Marek Giergiczny, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Stephane Hess
Choice experiment valuation of urban green spaces in Cape Town
Dambala Gelo Kutela, Jane Turpie