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General Papers

Correlation and scale in mixed logit models: clarifications and implications for unwary users of the G-MNL model
Stephane Hess, Kenneth Train, Kenneth Train
Heterogeneity in Decision Processes: Embedding Extremeness Aversion, Risk Attitude and Perceptual Conditioning in Multiple Heuristics Choice Making
David Hensher, Camila Balbontin, Andrew Collins
Patients’ preferences for specialised health professionals in follow-up care. A cross-country and cross-disease comparison.
Sebastian Heidenreich, Diane Skatun, Mandy Ryan, Job van Exel, Elliot Robert, Christine Bond
Is there a systematic relationship between random parameters and process heuristics?
Camila Balbontin, David A. Hensher, Andrew Collins
Multimodal travel groups and preference mode for different travel purpose: a latent class cluster analysis
xiaochen ma, Oded Cats, Serge paul Hoogendoorn
The use of specialty training to retain doctors in Malawi: a cost effectiveness analysis using stated preferences
Kate Mandeville, Godwin Ulaya, Adamson Muula, Titha Dzowela, Mylene Lagarde, Kara Hanson
Maintaining social contacts over time: the role of life-course events, personality traits and tie strength
Chiara Calastri, Stephane Hess, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Charisma Choudhury, Andrew Daly
Endogenous treatment of residential location choices in transport and land use models: introducing the MetroScan framework
Chinh Ho, David Hensher
A Meta-Analysis of Transport Mode Choice Related Stated Preference Data in Several Metropolitan Areas in South Africa
Gary Patrick Hayes, Christo Venter
Using Revealed-Preferences Sampled Choice-sets in Stated-Preference Surveys
Cristian Angelo Guevara, Stephane Hess
A hybrid DCM application in freight mode choice set in the Port of Ghent (Belgium): do environmental attitudes matter?
Louise M. F. De Tremerie, Stephane Hess, Gerard C de Jong
Modelling awareness and consideration in mode choice: an application on the Rome – Milan corridor
Mauro Capurso, Stephane Hess, Thijs Dekker
Evaluating a data-driven approach for choice set identification
Danique Ton, Dorine Duives, Oded Cats, Serge Hoogendoorn
Modelling state dependence in rare life course events: Introducing the Accumulative Hybrid Choice Skew Multivariate Probit
Romain Crastes dit Sourd, Matthew Beck, Charisma Choudhury, Thijs Dekker, Stephane Hess
Commodity-based heavy vehicle model for Greater Sydney
Richard B. Ellison, Collins Teye, David A. Hensher
Accommodating product-specific upper limits on consumption in multiple discrete-continuous extreme value (MDCEV) models: an application to time-use data
Chiara Calastri, Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly, Abdul Pinjari, Juan Antonio Carrasco
Choice modelling with time-varying attributes, with an application to train crowding
Andrew T Collins, David A Hensher
Andrew Bwambale, Charisma F Choudhury, Stephane Hess
Revisiting the MDCEV utility function: origins, weak complementarity, minimum consumption and efficient welfare measurement
Thijs Dekker, Chiara Calastri, Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess
Decision field theory: improvements to current methodology and contrasts with standard choice modelling techniques
Thomas O Hancock, Stephane Hess, Charisma F Choudhury
Ethnic segregation and residential location choice in Cape Town
Tatjana Ibraimovic, Stephane Hess, Mark Zuidgeest, Hazvinei Tsitsi Tamuka Moyo
Investigating the effects of stress on choices - Evidence from gap acceptance decisions of drivers in a simulator experiment
Evangelos Paschalidis, Charisma Choudhury, Stephane Hess
Preferences for donating a family member’s organs for transplantation: a discrete choice experiment
K Howard, S Jan, Germaine Wong
Modelling the role and impact of variety-seeking on mode choice behaviour in the context of air-HSR intermodality
Fangqing Song, Stephane Hess, Thijs Dekker
A pooled RP/SP mode, route and destination choice modeling approach to capture the heterogeneity of mode and user type effects in Austria
Basil Christian Schmid, Florian Aschauer, Inka Roesel, Stefanie Peer, Reinhard Hoessinger, Regine Gerike, Sergio Jara-Diaz, Kay Werner Axhausen
Using a spatial error latent class approach to address spatial dependence in latent class membership
Danny Campbell, Wiktor Budziński, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Nick Hanley
What makes you happy? The role of intrinsic motivation on health workers’ decisions to stay in rural areas
Ayako Honda, Nicolas Krucien, Mandy Ryan
Model combination for capturing the inconsistency in the aggregate prediction
shiva Habibi, MArcus Sundberg
An incentive-compatible experiment to model wine preferences considering extrinsic and intrinsic attributes
David Esteban Palma, Juan de Dios Ortúzar, Luis Ignacio Rizzi, Stephane Hess
Using discrete choice modelling techniques in a mixed methods methodological framework: a case study on freight shippers in Belgium
Louise M. F. De Tremerie, Gerard C. de Jong, Stephane Hess, Matthew Beck
East Coast Urbanites vs West Coast hippies – understanding differences in attitudes towards public transport
Greg M Spitz, Stephane Hess
Do social norms matter? Evidence from stated preference studies varying communicated social norm levels.
Katarzyna Zagórska, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Jacob LaRiviere, Natalia Letki, Nick Hanley
Personality and Economic Choices
nick hanley, mikolaj czajkowski, christopher boyce
Estimating the preferences for ecosystem services and plantation characteristics: the case of private investments in Mozambique
Anna-Kaisa Kosenius, Maja Bleyer, Matleena Kniivilä, Paula Horne
Reference-dependent choice set formation for modelling of long-term and medium-term residential location choices
Md Bashirul Haque, Charisma Choudhury, Stephane Hess
Flexibility or uncertainty? Predicting modal shift towards demand responsive public transport
Maria J Alonso Gonzalez, Niels van Oort, Oded Cats, Serge Hoogendoorn
What Makes Travelers Use Uber: Exploring the Latent Constructs behind the Use of On-Demand Ride Services in California
Farzad Alemi, Giovanni Circella, Susan Handy, Patricia Mokhtarian
Implications of Patient Heterogeneity in Health Care Service Preferences: A Case Study in the Provision of Community Intravenous Antibiotics in the UK
David Meads, Stephane Hess, Maureen Twiddy, Carolyn Czoski-Murray, Amando Vargas-Palacios, Samantha Mason, Jane Minton
On interpreting models of risk in a random utility setting
Ying Huang, Brett Smith, Doina Olaru
Dwelling and Residential Location Choice Models on Complete Market Data
Brett Smith, Doina Olaru, Stephane Hess, Matt Beck, Charisma Choudhury
Disentangling status quo bias and zero-price effect for more robust estimation of welfare changes
Jeff Tjiong, Marek Giergiczny, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Stephane Hess
Using advanced choice models to study animal behaviour
Marek Giergiczny, Stephane Hess
A Peek at the Future: Capturing the Anticipation Effects in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models
Charisma Choudhury, Stephane Hess
The changing views of health promotion amoung HIV-infected pregnant women in South Africa before and after delivery: A choice experiment
Hae-Young Kim, Colleen Hanrahan, David Dowdy, Jonathan Golub, Neil Martinson, John Bridges
Pedestrian Crossing Choice on Cape Town's Freeways: Trading off Security and Safety
Mercy Dada, Mark Zuidgeest, Stephane Hess