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General Papers

Selecting a study sample for discrete choice experiments: the effect of psychological distance
Jorien Veldwijk, Karin Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Ulrik Kihlbom, Sophie Langenskiold, Evelien Dekker, Frank Kallenberg, Ardine de Wit, Mattijs Lambooij
The Impact of Pilot Size On Sampling Efficiency: Finding The ‘Goldilocks’ Allocation
Gianluca Grilli, Danny Campbell
Analysis of Daily Activity-Travel Pattern Focusing on Inter- and Intra-Personal Heterogeneity
Lei GONG, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Ryo Kanamori
Using Revealed-Preferences Sampled Choice-sets in Stated-Preference Surveys
Cristian Angelo Guevara, Stephane Hess
Including Value Orientations in Choice Models to Estimate Benefits of Wildlife Management Policies
Sandra Notaro, Gianluca Grilli, Daniel Campbell
A pooled RP/SP mode, route and destination choice modeling approach to capture the heterogeneity of mode and user type effects in Austria
Basil Christian Schmid, Florian Aschauer, Inka Roesel, Stefanie Peer, Reinhard Hoessinger, Regine Gerike, Sergio Jara-Diaz, Kay Werner Axhausen
Panel data for modelling dynamics in duration of outdoor leisure activities
Lissy La Paix, Md Saidul Azam Chowdhury, Karst T. Geurs
Identifying Individual Choice Mechanism Profiles for Air Travel Behaviour
Felipe Gonzalez-Valdes, Sebastian Raveau
The Stochastic Satisficing Model
Felipe Gonzalez-Valdes, Juan de Dios Ortúzar
A Joint Mode/Destination Type Choice Model for Hurricane Evacuation
Chester Gordon Wilmot, Ravindra Gudishala
Willingness-to-pay for automated vehicles: A random parameters and random thresholds HOPIT model
Ramin Shabanpour, Nima Golshani, Joshua Auld, Abolfazl Mohammadian
Activity start time and duration: Incorporating hybrid utility-regret decision rules in joint models
Nima Golshani, Ramin Shabanpour, Abolfazl Mohammadian, Joshua Auld
Disentangling status quo bias and zero-price effect for more robust estimation of welfare changes
Jeff Tjiong, Marek Giergiczny, Mikołaj Czajkowski, Stephane Hess
Using advanced choice models to study animal behaviour
Marek Giergiczny, Stephane Hess
Choice experiment valuation of urban green spaces in Cape Town
Dambala Gelo Kutela, Jane Turpie
The changing views of health promotion amoung HIV-infected pregnant women in South Africa before and after delivery: A choice experiment
Hae-Young Kim, Colleen Hanrahan, David Dowdy, Jonathan Golub, Neil Martinson, John Bridges