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General Papers

Selecting a study sample for discrete choice experiments: the effect of psychological distance
Jorien Veldwijk, Karin Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Ulrik Kihlbom, Sophie Langenskiold, Evelien Dekker, Frank Kallenberg, Ardine de Wit, Mattijs Lambooij
The effect of HIV prevention products on incentives to supply unprotected commercial sex in South Africa
Matthew Quaife, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Maria Cabrera, Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, Robyn Eakle, Peter Vickerman
The use of specialty training to retain doctors in Malawi: a cost effectiveness analysis using stated preferences
Kate Mandeville, Godwin Ulaya, Adamson Muula, Titha Dzowela, Mylene Lagarde, Kara Hanson
Maintaining social contacts over time: the role of life-course events, personality traits and tie strength
Chiara Calastri, Stephane Hess, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Charisma Choudhury, Andrew Daly
Airline Itinerary Choice Modelling Using Machine Learning
Rodrigo Acuna-Agost, Thierry Delahaye, Alix Lheritier, Michael Bocamazo
Including social influence in choice models for electric vehicle purchase preferences: comparison of different model formulations
Francesco Manca, Nicolò Daina, John W Polak, Jonn Axsen, Aruna Sivakumar
A hybrid DCM application in freight mode choice set in the Port of Ghent (Belgium): do environmental attitudes matter?
Louise M. F. De Tremerie, Stephane Hess, Gerard C de Jong
Modelling awareness and consideration in mode choice: an application on the Rome – Milan corridor
Mauro Capurso, Stephane Hess, Thijs Dekker
Evaluating a data-driven approach for choice set identification
Danique Ton, Dorine Duives, Oded Cats, Serge Hoogendoorn
Modelling state dependence in rare life course events: Introducing the Accumulative Hybrid Choice Skew Multivariate Probit
Romain Crastes dit Sourd, Matthew Beck, Charisma Choudhury, Thijs Dekker, Stephane Hess
Accommodating product-specific upper limits on consumption in multiple discrete-continuous extreme value (MDCEV) models: an application to time-use data
Chiara Calastri, Stephane Hess, Andrew Daly, Abdul Pinjari, Juan Antonio Carrasco
Standard Errors and Interval Estimates of Individual-Specific Mixed Logit Parameters
Mauricio Sarrias, Ricardo Daziano
Subjective Beliefs about the Willingness to Pay for Travel Time Savings
Vinayak V Dixit, Neeraj Saxena, Rico Krueger, Taha H. Rashidi
Extending the logit-mixed logit model for a combination of random and fixed parameters
Prateek Bansal, Ricardo Daziano, Martin Achtnicht
Revisiting the MDCEV utility function: origins, weak complementarity, minimum consumption and efficient welfare measurement
Thijs Dekker, Chiara Calastri, Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess
Changes in the value of travel time over the years - a multi-year and multi-country comparison
Marco Kouwenhoven, Maria Börjesson, Gerard de Jong, Andrew Daly
Value of travel time as a function of comfort
Gerard de Jong, Marco Kouwenhoven
Meta-analysis on the value of travel time savings in Africa
Collins Teye, Peter Davidson, Helen Porter
Modelling the role and impact of variety-seeking on mode choice behaviour in the context of air-HSR intermodality
Fangqing Song, Stephane Hess, Thijs Dekker
Does the design of the environment affect the willingness to transfer between modes?
Alejandro M. Tudela, Carla Duran, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Arnoldo Tapia
Exploring temporal and spatial preferences for climate change adaptation
Stephanie Mitchell, Danny Campbell, Frans de Vries, Seda Erdem
Using discrete choice modelling techniques in a mixed methods methodological framework: a case study on freight shippers in Belgium
Louise M. F. De Tremerie, Gerard C. de Jong, Stephane Hess, Matthew Beck
Assessing the Performance of Berkson-Theil Method on Multiple Choice Sets and Aggregated Choice Data
Weibo Li, Maria Kamargianni, Philip Krammer, Lynnette Dray, Andreas Schafer
Discrete choice analysis of multidimensional risk attitude
Nathalie Picard, André de Palma, Sophie Dantan
Challenges in online updating of individual choice models for recommender systems or autonomous decision agents
Nicolo' Daina, Esra Suel, Charilaos Latinopoulos, John Polak
Personalized Recommendations using Discrete Choice Models with Inter-and Intra-Consumer Heterogeneity
Mazen Danaf
Switching Costs and Plan Loyalty in Medicare Part C
Adam Atherly, Roger Feldman, Bryan Dowd, Eline van den Broek
The changing views of health promotion amoung HIV-infected pregnant women in South Africa before and after delivery: A choice experiment
Hae-Young Kim, Colleen Hanrahan, David Dowdy, Jonathan Golub, Neil Martinson, John Bridges
Pedestrian Crossing Choice on Cape Town's Freeways: Trading off Security and Safety
Mercy Dada, Mark Zuidgeest, Stephane Hess