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General Papers

In-store or online shopping of search and experience goods: A Hybrid Choice approach
Basil Christian Schmid, Simon Andreas Schmutz, Kay Werner Axhausen
Artificial Neural Networks as a means to accommodate decision rules in choice models
Ahmad Alwosheel, Sander van Cranenburgh, Caspar Chorus
Airline Itinerary Choice Modelling Using Machine Learning
Rodrigo Acuna-Agost, Thierry Delahaye, Alix Lheritier, Michael Bocamazo
Including social influence in choice models for electric vehicle purchase preferences: comparison of different model formulations
Francesco Manca, Nicolò Daina, John W Polak, Jonn Axsen, Aruna Sivakumar
Farmers preferences for contracts on bioenergy crop (jatropha curcas) production in Northern Ghana using discrete choice experiment
Lauretta Sandra Guentang Boade, Akwasi Mensah-Bonsu, Irene Suzana Egyir, Ditchfield P. K. Amegashie, Jean-Hugues Nlom
Can a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder remove hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments? An application to consumer valuation of novel food products
Mohammed Hussen Alemu, Søren Bøye Olsen
Extending the logit-mixed logit model for a combination of random and fixed parameters
Prateek Bansal, Ricardo Daziano, Martin Achtnicht
The changing transport conditions and their implications for pedal cycling in Kisumu, Kenya
Walter Alando, Joachim Scheiner, Mark Zuidgeest
A pooled RP/SP mode, route and destination choice modeling approach to capture the heterogeneity of mode and user type effects in Austria
Basil Christian Schmid, Florian Aschauer, Inka Roesel, Stefanie Peer, Reinhard Hoessinger, Regine Gerike, Sergio Jara-Diaz, Kay Werner Axhausen
Effect of Varying Number of Choice Sets and Varying Number of Alternatives per Choice Set on Design Efficiency if the Complexity of the Choice Task is Taken into Account
Deniz Akinc, Martina Vandebroek
Modeling Swiss mobility tool ownership: A hybrid multivariate probit approach with sample selection
Henrik Becker, Allister Loder, Basil Christian Schmid, Kay W Axhausen
Comparing The Performances of Maximum Simulated Likelihood and Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation for Mixed Logit Models
Deniz Akinc, Martina Vandebroek
Flexibility or uncertainty? Predicting modal shift towards demand responsive public transport
Maria J Alonso Gonzalez, Niels van Oort, Oded Cats, Serge Hoogendoorn
Do Consumers in the UK and Spain Perceive the Attributes Greenhouse emissions, Type of Production, Origin, and Fat Content as Substitutes or Complements
Faical Akaichi
What Makes Travelers Use Uber: Exploring the Latent Constructs behind the Use of On-Demand Ride Services in California
Farzad Alemi, Giovanni Circella, Susan Handy, Patricia Mokhtarian
Exploring the Impact of Shared Mobility on California Millennials and Older Adults’ Travel Patterns
Giovanni Circella, Farzad Alemi, Patricia Mokhtarian
Willingness-to-pay for automated vehicles: A random parameters and random thresholds HOPIT model
Ramin Shabanpour, Nima Golshani, Joshua Auld, Abolfazl Mohammadian
Activity start time and duration: Incorporating hybrid utility-regret decision rules in joint models
Nima Golshani, Ramin Shabanpour, Abolfazl Mohammadian, Joshua Auld
Oscar Arbeláez, Jorge Córdoba, Iván Sarmiento
Switching Costs and Plan Loyalty in Medicare Part C
Adam Atherly, Roger Feldman, Bryan Dowd, Eline van den Broek