International Choice Modelling Conference, International Choice Modelling Conference 2017

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Pedestrian Crossing Choice on Cape Town's Freeways: Trading off Security and Safety
Mercy Dada, Mark Zuidgeest, Stephane Hess

Last modified: 28 March 2017


Pedestrians and freeways are not expected to coexist in any proximity to each other. Yet in Cape Town (as in the rest of South Africa) pedestrian activity along freeways is very common and results in up to 15 pedestrian crashes per month on Cape Town's freeways alone.

This paper reports on a stated choice experiment around freeway crossing choice (between footbridge crossing and at grade freeway crossing) in 10 locations with high pedestrian accident rates.

In particular we look at the relationship between risk perception and pedestrian crossing choice.

We estimate separate models for crossing choice, general risk evaluation, choice task specific risk evaluation, and mixed models creating a link between the five separate models.

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